Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Fishing Rod?

Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Fishing Rod? [Buying vs Making A Fishing Rod]

The battle between buying or making a fishing rod still remains among fishers. If price is your top concern, you may want to consider how much each option costs first. Is it cheaper to build your own fishing rod?

The short answer is yes. Making your fishing rods will save you a lot of money.

It's a good idea to construct a rod if you know the method, where to get the essential parts, and which attachment will work best with the rod.

Today, will explain why constructing a fishing rod is more affordable than buying one. We also share some benefits from both options.

Let's read on to discover!

How Much Is A Fishing Rod?

There is a huge variety of pricing available. It all boils down to the fishing rod's brand, functionality, and general performance.

A brand new fishing rod may cost about $200 for a high-quality model but vary from $30 to $550. The premium fishing rod would even be up to $1,000. 

You may undoubtedly spend a lot of money, but we're talking about the average price for the most common items.

If your budget is a little tighter, you may always look for a second-hand fishing rod. A used reel should cost around half as much as a new one.

Why Are Fishing Rods Expensive?

The following are some of the reasons that contribute to the high cost of fishing rods:


A substantial percentage of the overall cost comes from the materials used in making the rods.

Carbon fiber fishing rods are typically more pricey since the material gives the rod greater endurance and longevity.

Rods may also come from various hybrid rod-building substances, and the rarer the materials are, the more expensive they are.


The pricing range also depends on the manufacturer's trademark and reputation. If a famous company owns a monopoly in the marketplace, it may charge a premium price.


Another critical factor in the fishing rod's high price is the patent on its design and attachments. Finding the optimized design that will function better than the prior model requires time and effort and hours of study and experimentation.

Market demand 

When a fishing rod is in a growing market among customers, the maker and retailer will take advantage of this by increasing the price.

How Much Is It To Build Your Own Fishing Rod?

It must be more costly to employ a manufacturer to construct a customized rod than just use components you have on hand.

In fact, if you reuse resources, you could be able to construct your fishing rod for very little money, maybe no more than $20.

Fishing rod makers, on the other hand, charge up to $600 for a personalized model.

Making a fishing rod is cheaper than buying one

Why Should You Build Your Own Fishing Rod?

Some fishermen decide to make their own fishing rods because of the benefits provided. Clearly, making a rod is cheaper than buying. Moreover, you can also adjust your rod's performance and weight depending on your preference. 

If you're thinking about constructing one, consider the reasons why you should go for it:


When you construct a fishing rod, the first step is to locate the rod's spine, which guarantees that your guides can align properly on that rod.

This step offers your rod the ultimate most efficiency and torque, giving it a distinct benefit over factory-made models.


Because you'll get to choose which components and add-ons to go on the rod, you can take your rod's weight down to a minimum.

The weight may not matter if you're fishing for just an hour with a jig or a nightcrawler. However, if you're throwing spinnerbaits the whole day, it'll undoubtedly add up to better fishing conditions.


This feature must be the most outstanding reason that encourages people to construct their tools.

Building a fishing rod allows you to customize it. No matter if you like the split grip or a fly rod with a tip-top guide, you can do it.

You can also personalize the frame and design of your rod. Just choose a form that fits your fishing habit so that you can fish for hours with ease. 

There is no limitation when it comes to design. Some fishermen buy rods then decorate their appearances. If you plan to build the rod, you may start to design from the start and feel free to adjust it later.

Making a rod allows for customization


Some individuals enjoy building their own rods so much that they seldom fish with them because they spend a lot of time putting detailed elements on them. They even hang their workpieces on the wall as decoration next to their stuffed fish.

Customized Vs. Factory-Made Fishing Rods

Factory-made fishing rods are excellent for what they really are, but they lack the alternatives that an increasing number of fishers demand. You can't go into a store and request a rod with a specific split grip and several micro guides.

The whole idea of a customized rod is to match the completed rod's selected features to your specific fishing demands or even your specific esthetic needs.

Let's assume you want a handle with a specific diameter or form that isn't widely available. Perhaps your kind of fishing involves something that isn't obtainable in a store-bought rod.

You can meet every requirement, or you want to have as a real fisherman since you built your own rod or paid someone to design it for you.

Do Custom Rods Have A Better Performance?

The answer depends on particular situations. Many expensive fishing rods are worth it. They come from high-quality materials and include superior technology. Fishers can take advantage of these highlighted features to perform better.

On the other hand, a custom rod fits you well. The quality of the rod is contingent on the materials and components you choose. If you have selected excellent pieces, there is no doubt you can get a fantastic fishing rod.

In general, professional fishers choose to build over buying the equipment. 

They may utilize the most current and technologically tested materials and procedures while making their own fishing rod.

This option might have several advantages, including providing you with a sturdier, more sensitive rod at a quarter of the weight.

Professionals often choose to build their fishing rod

There is also rod balance to consider and how that affects exhaustion after a hard day of fishing. A lightweight, well-balanced customized rod made specifically for you will help you feel less stressed and tense.

Moreover, the experts know what is suitable for their fishing rods. They can fix factory-made rods' problems and adjust the error features according to their preference and requirement.


We have shared with you some benefits of both buying and making your own fishing rod. Expensive rods are still worth it if you want to take advantage of guaranteed models from reputable manufacturers.

On the other hand, if you have enough knowledge to know what components are best and fit you well, you should construct a rod for yourself.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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