How Long Do Graphite Fishing Rods Last? How To Store Your Fishing Rod

How Long Do Graphite Fishing Rods Last? How To Store Your Fishing Rod

Graphite fishing rods are the favorite choice of many anglers. Their toughness can be compatible with composite or fiberglass rods, but they are much lighter. However, like any other object, these rods will wear out over time. 

So, how long do graphite fishing rods last? If you get a good graphite fishing rod and use, protect, and store it properly, it can last up to 50 years.

Many factors can affect the durability of graphite fishing rods, like the quality of the rod or how you use and maintain it. 

In this post, will give you more information about the lifespan of graphite fishing rods. Also, we will show you how to make them last longer.

Graphite fishing rods are very durable

How Long Do Graphite Fishing Rods Last?

If your graphite fishing rod is a high-quality one and you have a proper way to use and protect it, it can last up to 50 years.   

The lifespan of graphite fishing rods depends mainly on how you use them. So, they have a varied time of wearing out. 

Many external factors can impact your graphite fishing rod. Weather, temperature, or moisture are some factors reducing the durability of the rod. 

Besides, the material and how you use and maintain it also decide the lifespan of a graphite fishing rod. High-quality rods will last longer than poor material-made ones. 

The lifespan of graphite fishing rods depends on how you use them.

How To Use A Graphite Fishing Rod To Make It Last Longer

Graphite fishing rods are very durable. However, you need to treat them well to make them last longer. Here are some things you should keep in mind when using graphite fishing rods. 

Spool new line onto the reel correctly

You can't spool a new fishing line onto the reel of a graphite fishing rod as you do with fiberglass or composite rods. 

If you run the line through all the runners, you may hit a dead spot and make your rod broken. And, it's not a warranty issue if you break your graphite fishing rod while spooling a new line onto a reel.

The best way to do this job is using only the bottom 1-2 guide rings from your graphite fishing rod. You can also use another rod, such as a fiberglass rod to spool the line on the fishing reel. In this way, you can avoid breaking your graphite fishing rod.

Put your rod in a safe place when angling

When fishing from a boat, you should place your graphite fishing rod where nobody can step on it. Besides, you need to pay attention to heavy objects that can smash your rod and keep them far away. 

If you cast from the bank, it's better to keep your fishing rod on the rod tripods or anywhere you can see it. Also, remember to choose a place that is free of hanging tree branches or wires. They can bruise your rod and break it. 

You should apply the same rules when you are wading in the water to fish. Moreover, you should make sure that your graphite fishing rod doesn't sit in the saltwater. Sand and saltwater can get into the reel of the rod and damage it. 

Don't raise your rod too high when landing a fish

Another thing you need to remember is to avoid "high stick" your graphite fishing rod.

When you try to land a fish, just keep your rod at an angle of 60°-90° off the water. Raising your rod too high when handling a struggling fish may lead to a broken rod. 

When you get a hard-to-handle fish, you should use a net if possible. In this way, you can catch the fish without damaging your rod. If there is no net, you can wear a glove and hold the line to lift the fish.

Don't raise your rod too high when landing a fish

How to free your lures when they get snagged

If your lures get snagged, you will need to know how to take them back. Otherwise, you may lose the lures and even break your rod. 

Instead of pulling your lure with your rod, you should point the rod to the snag's position and pull on the line. Make sure that you hold the reel firmly with your palm or put your thumb in the bait casting spool.

You can consult more tips to free the lures in this video. 

Youtube source: The Fishin' Pastor

How To Store Your Graphite Fishing Rod

If you want to use your graphite fishing rod for a long time, you should know how to store it. Below are some useful tips for storing your rod.

Store your rod vertically

No matter where you plan to store your fishing rods, remember to keep them vertically. The rod will be more likely to have a weighed-down tip and bent blank when you store it horizontally. 

Store the rod in a fishing rod rack

Using a fishing rod rack is one of the safest ways to store fishing rods. The rack will keep the shape of your rods and prevent them from leaning on each other. If you want, you can attach this rack to the wall to store the rods.

Store the rod in a fishing rod rack


Use fishing rod sleeves or tubes

Another way to store fishing rods is by putting them in fishing rod sleeves or tubes. These sleeves or tubes will protect your rod from humidity and air. Moreover, they will help the transportation of fishing rods more easily. 

Take advantage of mesh rod covers

If you are a price-sensitive angler, mesh rod covers will be a good choice for fishing rod storage. 

These covers are cheap, but they are a great protector for your rods. You can easily glide a cover on and off your fishing rod. Mesh rod covers will keep your rod from getting scratched or slightly broken while storing.

Keep your fishing rods in a dry place

Moisture is the no. 1 enemy of your fishing rods. When you place your rods in a humid area, some of their parts will corrode like reel, reel seat, or guide rings. So, don't leave your fishing rods on the ground.

You can also install a dehumidifier in the garage where you store the rods. Another tip is to put some silica gel bags inside the rod sleeves.

Keep your fishing rods away from heat

Although graphite fishing rods are durable, they can't resist high temperatures. High heat can weaken the glued parts of the rod. Therefore, you shouldn't keep fishing rods away from anywhere the temperature is over 110℉. 

Besides, don't leave the rod in the car or truck for too long in summer. These places will get very hot and damage your fishing rods. 

How To Clean And Maintain Your Graphite Fishing Rod 

How to clean and maintain your fishing rod

Proper cleaning and maintenance also help extend the lifespan of graphite fishing rods. You can follow the steps below to clean and maintain your fishing rod properly. 

Step 1. Clean with warm soap solution

You need to clean your rod after using it, especially after fishing in saltwater. 

In the first step, you will need to prepare a bucket of warm soap solution. Disassemble your rod and place all the parts into the bucket. Then wait for 15 minutes until the outer dirt peels off. 

Step 2. Scrub your rod with a soft brush

You can use an old soft toothbrush or any small soft brush to scrub the rod. Make sure that you clear all the dirt, mud, or sand on the rod, then wash it again with warm water. 

Step 3. Reassemble the rod

After cleaning all parts of the rod, you can put them back together with a small wrench, screwdrivers, and tweezers. 

Step 4. Dry the rod

You should wipe dry your rod with a soft cotton towel. Then, you put the rod on the towel until it's dry completely. 

Remember to clean the rod and dry it thoroughly before storing it. If you put your rod in the rod sleeve when it's still wet, some metal parts of the rot will get rusted. 

Step 5. Lubricate the rod

Lubrication is an essential part of maintaining a fishing rod. You need to apply some specialized oil or lubricant to the fishing rod. The oil will help the reel operate more smoothly and make your rod more effective and durable.  

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article can help you answer the question: "How long do graphite fishing rods last?". Graphite fishing rods are very durable and can be your angling companion for decades. However, you need to use and protect them smartly so that their lifespan is the longest. 

Thank you for reading!

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