How Are Fishing Rods Shipped? [Ultimate DIY Idea]

How Are Fishing Rods Shipped? [Ultimate DIY Idea]

How are fishing rods shipped? Fishing rods can be challenging to send since they are lengthy and fragile products that require special handling.

In most cases, the Post Office will not accept very long things, and some shippers will ask you extra if your box exceeds a specific length. 

However, we can provide you with step-by-step instructions to guarantee that your rods arrive in perfect condition.

  • Step 1: Measure the rod

  • Step 2: Choose a suitable tube

  • Step 3: Pack the rod

  • Step 4: Ask for a courier

Let’s read on to discover!

How Are Fishing Rods Shipped?

There is a range of alternatives for delivering fishing rods based on the fishing rod you are sending. 

A two-piece or telescopic rod is quite simple to mail since it may be shrunk to a reasonable size. Though you are shipping a one-piece fishing rod, you will get limited choices because many carriers won't deliver that long.

What You Will Need?

Ensure you have enough polystyrene, bubble wrap (also known as shipping peanuts), and packaging tape. You will also need a box that can hold the rod and protect it. 

An intent fishing pipe or container is the obvious solution. But even if you use one, you will still need to transport it in a box because the case won't give adequate protection.

This way may result in the entire box becoming quite large and heavy, increasing your delivery expenses. 

If you are searching for a less expensive option, go to your local fishing bait shop and see if they possess any leftover pipes from rods they have received. You may be able to obtain it for free. 

A section of sewage gutter downpipe or pipe purchased from any DIY shop is another alternative. If you are going to build a tube with one of these ways, ensure to leave at least two inches of room on each end to allow for cushioning.

What Is The Best Way To Mail A Fishing Rod?

Follow these steps to pack and ship your rods safely. Additionally, you can rely on the instructions in this video to better understand how to do so.

Youtube source: Teddy Bass

Step 1: Measure The Rod

It would be best if you shipped the fishing rod in a container with two inches or above of room on both ends. This way will give you plenty of room to stuff packing material around the pole to cushion it. 

Step 2: Choose A Suitable Tube

Choose The Suitable PVC Tube

You cannot just throw a fishing rod in a carton box and pray for the best when shipping it. Before being put in a box, you must pack it inside or in some tube. 

Many individuals opt to buy a piece of PVC sewage line tube and have it trimmed to the size specifications of the rod by an operator. Another option is to send the rod in a unique shipping tube designed for it. 

If you desire to get one quickly, go to the local bait shop and inquire about any leftover packing tubes.

Step 3: Pack The Rod

Compress a telescopic or two-piece fishing rod to make it as small as feasible for transportation. Wrap it in bubble wrap (or sections, if it is a two-piece one) and fasten it with adhesive tape. 

Insert the rod into the PVC pipe and wrap its ends with more bubble wrap. This way will provide additional padding, ensuring that the rod is not damaged. Seal the tube's ends and put an extra layer of bubble wrap on the entire package. 

In a shipping tube, fix the pipe. The triangular corners provide more bump prevention! Finally, place a "Fragile" tag on the box, so the courier doesn't chuck it about aimlessly.

Step 4: Ask For A Courier

If the fishing rod is telescoping or two-piece, many couriers can send it. Several couriers may not ship the package if it is a one-piece fishing rod since it is too lengthy. 

Get quotes from some different businesses and ensure they can deliver your item. For example, you may get an immediate price by entering your box's dimensions and weight.

How To Pack Multiple-Rods?

You Can Ship Them Individually Or Use A Large-Size Tube

You can send many rods within one tube if you buy a decent enough tube, but make sure you have quite enough space for sufficient cushioning. Don't skimp on this; if in doubt, send the rods individually or get a more extensive tube. 

Notice that you need to wrap each rod in bubble wrap before arranging them in opposing orientations. Ensure the butts extend an inch or two beyond the tips and that the ends are well-padded.

How To Deliver Fishing Rods Internationally?

When it comes to delivering internationally, size limitations are a little more stringent, but a telescoping fishing rod should be no problem.

Many shipping services may let you transport products up to 85 inches long to locations all over the world at a low cost. 

Please fill out the customs paperwork we offer for overseas shipments, making sure to use the recipient's phone number.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Fishing Rod? 

The significant elements that will influence the shipping cost are the weight, distance, and size that the fishing rod may travel.

However, shipping an average-sized rod inside the UK will cost less than £20.

Enter the weight and size of your packages to receive a more exact quote, and the shipping service will quickly create the best and most inexpensive shipping cost to locations inside the UK (or beyond).

Considerations For Fishing Rods Shipping

Some factors to consider while sending a fishing rod are sending fees and insurance. The cost of sending fishing rods is dependent on the package's weight, dimension, and destination. 

You might need to think about shipping insurance as well. It assures that if the rods are broken during shipment, you will get compensation.

Finally, obtain estimates from several reputable couriers and select the most cost-effective one.

It's important to remember that once your product has been dispatched, it will go through the process by different persons at varying periods. If it passes through sorting depots and is on the way with other products, it may lay on top. 

As a result, to avoid damage, make sure your packaging is proper. Knowing how to send a fishing rod ensures that it arrives on time for your next fishing trip.


Here are some frequently asked questions we have collected while researching this field, which will benefit you.

1. Can I Send A Fishing Rod Online?

Several courier companies are excellent for online selling, whether you have sold your fishing rod on eBay, Amazon, or another market. 

Their shipping costs are much lower than going straight to a carrier. They include complete protection coverage and tracking.

You can even discuss the tracking details with the receiver so they can monitor the package all the route to their home.

2. Can I Get Insurance When Shipping My Rod?

You will get the opportunity to add a protective cover to your item during the booking process. It implies that if the rod is misplaced, stolen, or broken, they can compensate you. 

On damaged products, you will receive compensation only if the packing criteria are satisfied. Please check our packaging guide for more introductory information on packing.

3. What To Do If I Mail My Fishing Rods At The Post Office?

You will have to undergo these stages.

Print Shipping Labels

After finishing packaging your fishing rods (you can rely on our guidelines), you have to print the prepaid shipping label and adhere it to the exterior of your package. You may also print the shipping labels online or at the post office.

Fasten Customer Document

Three copies of your customs documents should be fastened to the package with the label for international orders.

If possible, you should place these documents in a plastic pouch or envelope. However, if you do not have one, a standard envelope labeled 'Customs' would suffice. 

Read the customs guidance page of the post office where you intend to get the service for more information, such as how long it takes for a shipment to pass customs and what if your item stucks in trades.

Weigh Your Shipment

It is time to weigh the package after preparing it. Before packing it, do not weigh your goods since you must consider the packaging when calculating the final overall weight. 

Couriers calculate the cost of delivery based on the physical weight of your package when you submit your package's right weight and dimensions into the shipping calculator, which is done automatically.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you may understand how fishing rods are shipped. Before shipping your fishing rods, read our steps mentioned above and some related information to get things done quickly at the post office. 

Additionally, if you are not satisfied with this article, you can refer to our guides at Thank you for reading!

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