Corporate Packages

A fun new way to treat your employees to a good time in San Luis Obispo, all while advertising for your business and supporting the development of the SLO community.

Customize a Tour

We are always open to see if we can customize a tour for you. Birthday surprises, team building, reunions…. Let’s see if we can make it happen!

Book the Bike for the Day

If you have a large group in town or just want to use the bike at your leisure, we have day rates for the bike.


Just like a wedding, this bike is meant to help people gather, experience, and celebrate together. You can book the bike for day and schedule rides for all of you guests coming into town.

You can rent the bike for your wedding. Get creative! You can use it for your bar top, or a fun way for guests to be transported from the parking to the ceremony.

Drop us a line!

To contact us directly, call 805-471-0672, or email us at

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