Can You Take A Fishing Rod On Ryanair Flights?

Can You Take A Fishing Rod On Ryanair Flights?

Can you take a fishing rod on Ryanair? We will explore whether transporting a fishing rod or fishing equipment in hand luggage is conceivable on Ryanair.

On Ryanair flights, fishing rods or any fishing equipment can be checked in the luggage in addition to your hand luggage allowance up to an additional 20 kilograms per item for a charge that varies based on the size of it.

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Can You Take A Fishing Rod On Ryanair?

Sharp fishing equipment, such as big fish hooks, must be sheathed, tightly wrapped, and carried in checked luggage.

You may want to bring costly rods or fragile gear that does not represent a security concern in your hand baggage, just like other high-value items.

Travelers should verify with the airlines to ensure that the fishing rod fits inside the carry-on size restrictions.

Why Cannot Carry Fishing Rod In Hand Luggage?

Fishing rods are not permitted for you to transport in hand baggage for a variety of reasons. Moreover, fishing poles frequently exceed the size allowed for carry-on luggage. 

On the other hand, fishing rods appear to be considered "hazardous items" during security inspections since the owner can use the fishing rod as a weapon. It makes no difference whether it is a traditional rod, a telescopic, or a Baitcaster rod.

How Much Does It Cost To Transport Fishing Gear On Ryanair?

Fishing Gear

The price of carrying a fishing rod and related equipment is often dependent on these factors: 

  • Is the fishing kit large and heavy? 

  • What's the status of the trip? 

  • What exactly comes with the fishing gear? 

The price of a fishing set depends on the equipment's weight, dimensions, and flight routes. Some airlines categorize sports luggage into three sizes and charge a fixed cost for each category's sports equipment.

Others set a maximum weight limit and charge based on it. Many airlines additionally specify which (and occasionally how many) things, such as fishing equipment, may be stored in sports baggage. 

An additional fee will be in need if unlisted goods are in the luggage. It is the same with recreational luggage with hold luggage and hand baggage rules and regs: each airline treats things differently. 

And we'd like to look more closely at what something different implies in terms of fishing poles and gear with the other airlines. 

Ryanair does not appear to be a big fisherman's buddy since it notes that large sports equipment such as fishing rods, fencing equipment, golf clubs, and the like are not suited for transportation by airlines with brief airport stays (like Ryanair). 

According to Ryanair Fishing equipment Policy, you can add things like these to your checked baggage allowance while booking tickets, maximum of 20 kg. 

Ryanair charges 35 euros each route for reserving sporting equipment (which includes your fishing accessories and rods). The cost of a second booking (either at the airport or online) is 40 Euro for each route.

What About Fishing Gear In Carry-On Luggage?

Packing a fishing rod in your carry-on luggage is not a good idea. A reel without a cable, on the other hand, has a decent chance of making it through the security screening in hand baggage. 

However, if you would like to be entirely sure, include the roll in the hold luggage as well. Here's where you'll discover an exciting conversation about reels in hand baggage. 

You can transport baits without hooks in hand baggage since they are not on the list of seem-to-be-hazardous items. 

Remember not to bring scissors, knives, lures, and manslaughters in hand baggage under any circumstances because these things are deemed hazardous and hence forbidden in hand baggage.

How To Transport Fishing Rod & Other Accessories?

Fishing Rod Transport Case

Fishing rods and other related accessories should go through the check-in process as recreational luggage.

However, the question of how to carry your fishing equipment and what type of recreational luggage is ideal for it continues to remain.

Anglers favor the following modes of transportation for transporting fishing rods and equipment (on an airplane):

  • PVC tubes for transporting fishing rods

  • Skiing protective gear

  • Plano telescopic tubes

  • PVC drain pipes

  • HT tubes

PVC pipes are a cost-effective way to carry fishing rods. PVC transport pipes appear at a low price on the Internet.

These pipes are durable and provide adequate protection for the fishing rods. On the other hand, accessories are difficult to move in these carry pipes, which might be a waste.

When transporting fishing rods in specific sports baggage designed for snowboard and ski equipment, there is frequently enough room for other fishing gear such as spools, reels, lines, boxes, and baits in addition to the rods.

Unlike PVC pipes, this mode of transportation frequently comes at a cost. Traditional drain pipes are often responsible for conveying fishing equipment.

Remember to trim the tube itself to the correct length. Since you have to install the box appropriately, padding and proper ends, expertise, and fundamental handicraft skills are necessary to construct a rod tube out of the drainage pipe ultimately.

Other fishing enthusiasts utilize high-temperature tubes, also known as HT pipes, to convey their equipment.

There are only some items you'll need if you want to play with this piece of gear on your own. All of these items should be available at your local DIY store:

  • 2 Insulation tubes

  • An HT tube

  • 2 HT sealing covers and sleeves for the HT pipe's ends

You can rely on the instructions in this video to better understand how to make a DIY fishing rod travel case.

Youtube source: Ferdz Perrera

Final Thoughts

If you want to bring your fishing rod on a Ryanair airplane trip, be aware of the new rules for carry-on and check-in luggage for fishing equipment.

Hopefully, this article is beneficial of BigSLOBike to you and assists you in answering the question: “Can you take a fishing rod on Ryanair flights?”

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