Are Fishing Rod Holders Illegal In QLD? Some Rules For You To Follow

Are Fishing Rod Holders Illegal In QLD? Some Rules For You To Follow

A rack is an indispensable tool when fishing. Are fishing rod holders illegal in QLD? It is the most controversial question regarding fishing rod holders in some Australian states.

The truth is that you're breaking the law if you're in traffic after improperly attaching a fishing rod holder to a bullbar. 

So, how to use a fishing rod holder legally in Australia? Let's find the answer with in the article below!

Are Fishing Rod Holders Legal In QLD?

Are Fishing Rod Holders Legal In QLD?

QLD does not prohibit the use of fishing rods. However, the law has its regulations on the transportation of fishing rod racks. Some mistakes when fishing by car will cause you to pay a small fine.

Note from the SA police

Currently, most cars have bullbar racks that allow the user to transport the long bars. The fishing rod holder is one of them. You will efficiently utilize the space outside the vehicle to transport the fishing rod holder with the bullbars.

However, SA police have issued a notice: it is not legal to mount the fishing rod holder outside the vehicle.

Many people questioned the above announcement, even dissatisfied. Whether the new law is essential is also a question of many people.

However, if you consider the reasons, you can partly understand why the SA police made the above notice.

Why is it illegal to install a fishing rod holder?

Australia's road traffic laws state it's illegal to drive with accessories protruding from your vehicle, especially in the front.

The reason lies in the cumbersome movement that can hurt pedestrians. Cars with too much protrusion when traveling on the road are also prone to collisions with other vehicles. 

In addition, accessories protruding from the vehicle's front, especially the steering wheel, can obstruct the driver's view. It is the source of unfortunate accidents.

Mounting the fishing rod holder above the vehicle is a habit of many people. Of course, a fishing rod holder is not a neat accessory, so there is absolutely no potential for traffic safety. 

Therefore, it is illegal to mount a fishing rod holder in front of the vehicle in QLD. If you break the law, you could be fined $498.

If someone is injured by your fishing rod holder, of course, you are also responsible before the law.

Fishing Rod Holders Legality In Some Other Australian States

Fishing Rod Holders Legality

In addition to Queensland, several other Australian states also have regulations related to bulky items in general and fishing rod holders in particular.

Each state has a different interpretation, penalty, and determination of illegal acts, specifically as follows:

New South Wales

New South Wales has quite strict regulations regarding items mounted on the risers and bumpers of cars.

Specifically, in New South Wales, it is illegal to leave any attachments that protrude forward on bull bars that could be dangerous to vehicles and road users.

The fine if you break this rule is $173. If your bulky item is a fishing rod holder, you will have difficulty avoiding this regulation.

Tasmania and WA

Install fishing rod holders in Tasmania and WA

Just like Queensland, in WA and Tasmania, if you let your fishing rod stand protrude too much, affecting the movement of other vehicles, you may face a hefty fine.

However, it is legal if you know how to install a fishing rod holder so that the device does not become a barrier when traveling on the road.

Some rules to legalize the carriage of fishing rod racks in Tasmania and WA are: the minimum number of frames possible, do not block vehicle lights, do not block the operator's view, and do not protrude from the rod.


NT is one of the most "easy" states for anglers. Specifically, you can mount a fishing rod holder on the bullbar.

However, you also need to pay attention to install the bracket properly. You don't want a conflict by accidentally hurting a passerby with your fishing rod holder.

Basic Rules To Follow When Installing A Fishing Rod Holder

Basic Rules To Follow

Using a fishing rod holder is legal worldwide. Illegality occurs when you do not know how to carry the rack properly, endangering others and yourself.

A few notes below will help you never break the law when installing fishing rod racks on bullbars.

Number of racks

Tasmania and WA allow you to bring fishing rod holders. However, the number cannot exceed four. Four is also a safe threshold for a journey.

No matter how ingenious, you cannot arrange for 5-6 fishing rod holders on the bullbar in the neatest way.

Traffic Safety

The reason for the ban imposed by OLD is to ensure traffic safety. Therefore, to make it legal to carry a fishing rod holder, of course, you cannot let the rack affect the way you and others control the vehicle.

After installing the bracket, you need to make sure you can still see the road ahead and the traffic on either side of the car door. In addition, the car's headlight system is not obscured by the bracket.

Correct installation technique

The rod holder needs to be firmly attached to the bullbar to prevent it from coming off during the move. Better yet, before you depart, you should double-check the bars, hook one turn.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the ability to remove/retract flexibly when not in the use of the support bars. Although not a mandatory requirement, flexibility will make your car much neater.


In addition to being concerned about the legitimacy of a fishing rod holder, you probably also have many questions regarding the rack's storage on your vehicle. Here are some answers from

Are our fishing rod holders on bull bars illegal in WA?

In WA, you can legally use a fishing rod holder as long as it doesn't protrude too much forward, causing damage.

To ensure the above requirements, you should review the section on the following conditions when installing the fishing rod holder.

Can you have fishing rod holders in your car?

You absolutely can have a fishing rod holder in your car.

You are even encouraged to own a fishing rod holder. Because in the process of moving, you need a powerful tool to help fix and protect your precious fishing rod. And the fishing rod holder will do this very well.

Suppose you are concerned about traffic safety regulations when mounting a fishing rod holder outside of your vehicle. In that case, you may want to consider the option of installing the rack inside the car.

In addition to the advantage of not affecting other vehicles, the fishing rod holder installed in the car also helps you better protect the rack and avoid the risk of theft.

Can you put a rod holder on a kayak?

Can you put a rod holder on a kayak?

If road traffic rules prevent you from owning a marijuana stick, you don't have to worry about breaking the law with kayaks.

Because it is very typical if you go fishing on a kayak, with the companion of a fishing rod holder. All you need to pay attention to is the correct type of rack for your boat size and rod type.

How do you lock a fishing rod?

If you use a rack, it will be easier to lock the fishing rod to prevent theft.

Depending on the means of transportation and the type of price you choose, the operations you need to do will be different. But basically, you will need to install a sturdy fishing rod holder in the safest locations.

For example, it is safest to install a rack on the passenger seat and then lock the vehicle if you own a truck. Mounting brackets on the roof of the car is also a good solution.

Many people think that storing the bridge under the car is the safest option. However, it would help to consider the operations when taking out the fishing rod when using this method.

How do you use a rod holder?

There are many types of racks, each with its use.

For example, to attach and remove the Triple Threat Rod holder, you must slide the handle and place it directly in the groove. Meanwhile, Baitcasting Rod requires you to lock a key ring.

A set of fishing rod holders will have detailed instructions on how to install and use. Don't ignore those special instructions.

Also, there's a caveat when using all types of brackets: re-reinforce the seams with silicone, leaving no loose connections. 


Fishing rod holders can be a cumbersome item to carry while fishing. Are fishing rod holders illegal in QLD? You can answer this question through our article.

Happy fishing!

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