Are Fishing Rod Holders Illegal In NSW?

Are Fishing Rod Holders Illegal In NSW?

Transporting fishing rods becomes more straightforward with the addition of bullbar rod holders. However, in NSW, some rules regulate bullbar use. Are fishing rod holders illegal in NSW?

Any addition or feature extending ahead of a bull bar that poses a hazard to other commuters is illegal in NSW. You might get a penalty of $173. Fishing rod holders are also one of the concerns and on a case-by-case basis. will discuss the reasons why using fishing rod holders can be illegal in NSW. We also suggest some tips for transporting your rod legally and safely. Let's read on to discover!

Bullbar Fishing Rod Holder

Bullbars were once pretty flat on the front. Fishers would simply attach one or even two holders and be ready to go. 

Bullbars have become more fashionable and now can wrap around the car's front face. In most cases, they are square to fit the car's length in the center, then extend backward on both sides on the curve of the bumper.

As a result, many people place the bullbar rod holders in the center of the bulbar, ensuring that their fishing rods are parallel to the automobile.

Because this bar is frequently thicker and larger than the regular bar used on the side angle, many people would assume that the only problem they get is keeping the bullbar stable in its position.

To enable a rod holder to fit, fishers have to use adapter plates with bigger U-bolts. The angler can now bring their rods to the spot. They have tackled the problem.

However, we are not talking about the legal aspect. Transporting your fishing rods in a holder mounted in the central front of the bullbar is unlawful.

Bullbar fishing rod holders

Why Are Bullbar Fishing Rod Holders Illegal?

Your fishing rods may impede your driving lighting or expand beyond the bullbar's rear profile. As a result, they bring out the risk of injuring someone when driving or parking the car. 

Furthermore, many bullbars really aren't square in reverence to the car's length. It can cause further issues because the rods are now sitting across the car's center, virtually blocking the driver's view. 

Also, the tips of lengthy fishing rods may protrude past the cabin on the side of the driver, which is unlawful. The spare part may increase the risk of damage to your fishing rods.

When Does A Bullbar Legal In NSW?

If you want to transport your bullbar fishing rod holder legally, here are some points you have to obey:

  • The drivers can see the roadway and traffic to the sides and front of the car.

  • Drivers must not attach the bullbar on the left side of their vehicle.

  • Drivers must not transport more than four rods on a car.

  • Drivers have to secure the fishing hooks, sinkers, and rods properly.

  • The holders and rods must not obstruct the lighting.

  • If drivers are not using the holders, they have to remove or retract the tools behind the bullbar's profile. 

Place the rods on the left side, so they do not block your view

How To Transport Fishing Rods In A Car?

No matter where you fish with your rod, the concern is how to carry the rod in a legal, safe and efficient manner in your automobile. If you don't do it correctly, the chance of damaging your fishing excursion is high. 

Replacing broken fishing rods usually requires more time and money, not to mention the fine you may get if you don't obey the rule of transporting.

Aside from the holders, you can use the wraps, racks, or store tubes to carry your rods. Let's have a closer look at each method. 


Rod wraps are essential for bundling various rods together. One way to pack fishing rods in a vehicle is to wrap them all around the rod base. This method effectively retains your fishing rods securely. 

In general, fishing rod failure is a significant risk with a separate rod and other units in the same wrap. 

When transporting a rod in an automobile, the rod's tips typically end up on the driver's console. It is within accessible elbow-smashing range at times. However, if you need to bring a large number of fishing rods rapidly, the rod wrap is indeed a good option.

Inner roof racks

Placing the fishing rod on racks within the car's interior is one of the finest ways to handle rods. Bungees that usually cover the width of the automobile also get strung up and fastened. Your fishing rods ultimately take up the top of your bungees.

This approach lets you load your vehicle with extra fishing gear or even people without ruining your rod. 

However, the only disadvantage you could face is the fishing rod length. Some rods, especially ones built for off-shore angling, are approximately 9 feet long. Handling the rod via the inside roof racks may not be possible in this case.

You can also make the rack yourself with DIY tips right here. 

Youtube source: B the Cameraman

Inner roof racks for fishing rods

Storage tubes

Storage tubes are an excellent choice for fishing rod transport. It not only covers the fishing rod from the car, but it also guards it from moisture in prolonged storage. Furthermore, those storage tubes are ideal for traveling via aircraft with rods.

However, if not adequately fastened, utilizing this tool and putting it inside the automobile may cause it to slide around. Remember to check the tube length vs. the length of the car's bed to ensure the tube can fit your car well.

The storage tube is an excellent choice

Transport service

If any of these techniques make you feel bad, you can just contact a qualified transport company to assist you in carrying the fishing rods. They can securely package everything and arrange it into your car.

If you have extra materials, you may also ask that the firm bring them in their own vehicle.

When you choose a firm, ensure you conduct some study and properly evaluate costs and benefits. This approach may need some financial investment, but it can be a realistic choice when you can handle it.


In NSW, using bullbar fishing holders may be illegal because it brings out some risks. If you still want to use the bullbar holder, ensure it doesn't block your view and secure them properly.

Instead, you can use rod wraps, tubes, racks, or ask for a professional service to carry your rods to the fishing spot. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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