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About Us.

We are the expert fly fishermen behind Into bigslobike.com. Our blog provides you with the best fishing destinations, equipment and techniques that will help your fishing trips achieve the desired results in the US and around the world.

Environment-friendly drag and drop

We are here to show the world how to fly fish better, more eco-friendly fishing while at the same time suggesting the best fishing spots to make your trip more efficient.

A Few Words About Us

To continue enjoying the benefits of clean water and healthy oceans

We’re looking to spread the good word of fly fishing and the love that we have for this incredible outdoor sport. Fly fishing isn't just a hobby. It’s a way of life. We are here to be your guide to life on the fly.

Fishing is for Everyone

Showing all ages how to cast, net and land the perfect fish.

Our Eco Policy

We sincerely want to help you fish better, but we always want to protect their ecosystem. As a result, we adhere to more sustainable fishing practices and we are committed to helping economies row around keeping fish alive, rather than killing them.

Our Core Values

We want to offer our readers the best fly fishing reading experience possible. Any gear reviews will always be tried and tested by our expert angler staff and gear lists will be researched to ensure we’re only recommending fly fishing equipment that is of great value to our readers.



Dorothy M Haddad

James R Wydra

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Meet our team

Our team here will help your fishing better. We are anglers from around the world, coming together to share our love for the sport.

James R Wydra

James R Wydra

FOUNDER & HEAD EDITOR James was born in Alaska. Since he was young, he has been fly fishing with his father. From that time on, he was hooked (pun intended). Learning to fly fish from his dad, who learned from his grandfather, James quickly became completely enthralled with the sport. Since then, he’s fly fished all over the world, from the Caribbean to Argentina and even in Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia. Even though he’s a young man but with nearly twenty years of fly fishing knowledge under his belt and having accumulated more fly fishing gear than he cares to admit, he decided to create a fly fishing blog that will inspire people to fish. More than that, he helps people improve their fishing skills even more through this blog Even though he knew he had a lot of experience in fly fishing, he was also aware that his own expertise wouldn’t be enough to create the most comprehensive and most beneficial fly fishing blog online. That’s why he decided to team up with the other incredible professional fly fishermen and women who also share their expertise in fly fishing on this blog. Together, over 40 years of experience on this website, all from anglers who love fly fishing and who are always after that next big trout, and who are happy to have you along for the journey. READ HIS POSTS

Dorothy M Haddad

PROFESSIONAL FLY FISHING GUIDE - EDITOR Dorothy is a professional fly fishing guide and self-proclaimed addict of the sport. She’s guided clients of all experience levels in Seychelles, Costa Rica, the Nubian Flats in Sudan, and around his home waters near Cape Town, South Africa. She spends nearly as much time behind the vise as she does on the river, not only tying flies for herself but also selling his flies to excited customers who know just how effective they can be. Dorothy has spent the past ten plus years perfecting her art, and yet, she still finds herself learning new fly fishing skills each day. Over the years, she’s purchased, rented, and guided with more fly fishing gear than pretty much anyone you’ll meet. Having spent so many years coaching clients, she had the opportunity to keep his hands on some of the most recent gear out there while also learning from a wide range of professional anglers. Today, Dorothy spends most of her time flying fishing with care for her family. She is always eager to come to new fishing grounds and explore the outside world. However, because conditions do not allow it, she wants to share her fly fishing experience with everyone. READ HIS POSTS

Amber R Daniels

Amber R Daniels

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER / EDITOR Amber is a professional social media and editor of this blog. Even though she is an expert in marketing, she's also a big fan of fishing, and she can get a lot of fish with us, sometimes it's more than for me. So, she is the one who decides whether posts are published or not. She's a person important to us. READ HIS POSTS